Use it. Feel it. Love it.

Ovoxe Naturals was founded in 2019 on the behalf that natural beauty products made from virgin coconut oil should be available to everyone.

Being a part of land Ayurveda, we Indians love our Mother Nature and natural products the most. From studying the benefits of the magical fruit, coconut, we started KOKOS VCO PVT. LTD. in 2017 which deals with virgin coconut products such as oil, coconut powder, coconut flakes etc.

Our passion about producing all-natural products knocked the door across the country and we received lots of love from so many customers across the country who are started trusting our products and got unexpected benefits. This gave us a boost to start with our new approach, Ovoxe Naturals which is meant for beauty products made with 100% natural coconut oil.

We understand the pain areas related to health care and beauty, which pushed us to manufacture natural beauty products. We focused on manufacturing one solution for all skin and hair issues and started with Virgin Coconut Hydrating Cream, Arbutin Nightly Face Cream, Face Wash and Shampoo. We have made sure to keep our prices affordable and have used only natural ingredients to ensure everyone can get the benefit of all-natural beauty products.

We all are part of the same nature and want everyone to be the part of the same nature. So, let’s say no to chemical products and start using our all-natural products available in Ovoxe Naturals.